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Organizer: A.D. Cíes – San Simón

Date: 16th june, 2018


  • AT SEA: Aitor (+34) 656 397 383 / Julio  (+34) 609 87 45 54 / Fernando (+34) 605 090 029
  • AT SAN SIMÓN ISLAND: Sara (+34) 626 204 299

On June 15th, at 19.30pm, in the main Meeting Room at Hotel Bahía de Vigo, will take place the meeting previous to the event, to explain how it will be run.

There will be a presentation of the  event, as well as the  rules and regulations to be followed will be explained.

A bag with the swimming cap, tee-shirt, and others will be handed at that time as well.

The number of participants this year will be 105, for security reasons,  the event will be monitored and only those participants who did register will be allowed to participate.

Participants do compromise to accept fully these regulations and any changes to the  event for any reasons external to the will of the organization.

Registration in the event will imply to have read, understood and taken ownership of the following compromises:

  • Certification of good health conditions and have passed the corresponding medical controls.
  • Release the Organization  from any responsability by  participating in the event (theft or lost of personal objects, danger of injuries, etc…)
  • To give permission to the organization to use the participant`s immage in different publications, posters, etc.. for promotional reasons of swimming water events. However, any participant not wishing the usage of his image for these purposes, could forbid the organization from doing so by writing his will  to the following e-mail address: info@batalladerande.com

In agreement to the L.O. 15/1999, we inform you that your personal data will be part of a file under the responsability of the organization whose aim is to manage the data for the swimming event Batalla de Rande 2018, as well as to inform the participant of future swimming editions. Access rights, rectifications, cancellations and oposition to these rights, can be performed by writing to the e-mail address above mentioned, adding a copy of the DNI or Passport.

It will be mandatory the usage of a wet swimming suit, swimming security buoy, googles and swimming cup, this one given by the organization, for the length of the  event.

Total time to complete the event will not be, in any case, over 10 hours.

In case of weather conditions adverse to the realization of the event, and/or risking the safety of the swimmers, the organization will be able to decide to change the course of the event or even its cancellation.

This year, the participants have the opportunity to stay at Hotel Bahía de Vigo, at Avenue Canovas del Castillo, 24, located 200 meters away from the boarding point to Islas Cíes.

Special tariffs for the swimmers this year are:

  • Double Room Individual Use (room and breakfast) 58,00€
  • Double Room (room and breakfast) 67,00€

VAT included

To apply for these tariffs, upon registration, please give the reference: BATALLA DE RANDE.

For reservations please call: + 34 986 226 700; send whatsapp to + 34 638 339 635, or by e-mail to: reservas@hotelbahiadevigo.es

Meeting point and time is 07:30h on June 16th at the dock next to Real Club Nautico de Vigo,  boarding will be at 07:45h approximately.

On this boat,  from NABIA COMPANY, will board swimmers, companions, volunteers as well as organization staff. Also, some logistics materials such as: kayaks, provisions, etc. may be loaded.

The boat will arrive at Islas Cíes at 08:30h approx, and swimmers, companions, volunteers and staff will all disembark.

Kayaks will be at the beach divided in 5 groups by starting order of the groups 1, 2,3,4 and 5.

Once all participants are prepared, the start of the event will take place as follows:

  • 09:00h: 1st group (slow)
  • 09:20h: 2nd group (intermediate 1)
  • 09:40h: 3rd group (intermediate 2)
  • 10:00h: 4th group (intermediate 3)
  • 10.20h: 5th group (fast)

Each group will be accompanied by 2 boats and several kayaks, besides other supporting boats. Participants will swim grouped in the area delimited by the vessels.

Swimmers will try not to swim far away from the kayaks.

The organization has an alternative route in the event of adverse weather conditions. The starting point of this route will be the port of Cangas, towards Borneira signal point, going around it, and continuing with the main route towards San Simón island. Approximate distance for this alternative route is 20km.

There will be one feeding vessel every 3.000 mts making a total of 8 feeding points. The first 4 will be mandatory, as we will be still swimming in groups.
Time allowed to feed will be max. 5 min.

Going trough the last four feedings will be mandatory to control the swimmers, however, stopping to eat will be at the discretion of the swimmer, as at this stage swimming will be individually and not in group.  Water, isotonic drinks, bananas, oranges, gels and bars will be provided.

After the fourth feeding, it will be no longer mandatory to swim in  group. Swimmers will be  allowed to swim individually. Passing through the feeding stations still mandatory to control cap number but no need to stop to eat. Arrow below marks the start of the individual swim.

Please exercise extreme caution during the individual swim.

Upon arrival, swimmers will be welcomed by the volunteers and part of the staff, who will take them to the recovery area where they can have hot and cold drinks, food and take a shower. We will also have a masseur and therapist in place.

Once the race is closed, participants, volunteers and staff will board at 20:00h on the boat that will take them to the port of Cesantes. There, a bus will take them to Restaurante ANTOLIN, located by the beach, where a trophy commemorative of Batalla de Rande – Trofeo Carlos Conde will be given.

Those swimmers not wishing to stay for dinner at the restaurant, willl have the chance to return to Vigo by  bus at 20:30h.

After dinner, swimmers, companions and volunteers will be able to return to Vigo by bus departing the restaurant at 23:30h.

On June 16th, dawn will be at 06:58 h and sunset at 22.14 h.

On the graphic tides for that day, the first low tide will be at 00:17 h and the next one at 12:30h. The first high tide will be at 06:31h and the following one at 18:51h.

We will have 15 hours and 16 minutes of sun light.

Solar transit will be at 14.36h.

Tide coeficient will be 89 (high) so amplitude of tides and current flow will be high.

Taking as reference average level of the sea water, waves height will be -1,8m, 1,6m, -1,6m, and 1,8m.

Water temperature usually falls between 14ºC and 19ºC. Mean of the water temperature of the last four years close to the event date is 17,7ºC.

Some links to check the weather forecast and water temperature:

Swimmer companions wishing to go to Islas Cíes from Vigo, can board the boat that leaves at 07:45 h,  and come back to Vigo  on the boat that leaves the islands at 11:30 h with part of the event staff.

From Vigo, at 14:00 h, there will be a bus leaving from Hotel Bahía de Vigo that will go to the port of Cesantes, where they can take another boat to San Simón island.

Those companions not wishing to stay for dinner at the restaurant, willl have the chance to return to Vigo by  bus at 20:30 h.

After dinner, companions will be able to return to Vigo by bus departing the restaurant at 23:30h.

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